Hi, i am andor

I live in Rockanje, a small beach town near Rotterdam however being a small town boy has never stopped my curiosity. I get energized by discovering and trying new things, techniques and interests. This has led me to a lot of subjects, from being a reporter for the local news channel, to being a bartender at a beach club and also a delegate during a Model United Nations conference. 

My curiosity brings me a broad view of the world, which I use in my design. By knowing a small bit of everything, it is easy for me to connect to my audience. 

Together with a fellow student, I also run a small design agency at ja-ontwerp.nl We create visuals to  help local businesses.  

As a designer

I would describe myself to be a doer, with a no nonsense and realistic mentality. I have the ability to take a concept that is up in the air, and make it land on earth. When it arrives, I am able to communicate if it works, how it works and why it works. 

My most valued principle is honesty and transparency. When I say one euro, it won’t be €0,90 or €1,10. I stick to the facts which enables me to take criticism, make my story clear and see things from a different perspective.

Bits of my life