For Bike it your way I had to design an interactive bike rental system for Zuid-Hollands landschap, an organization that preserves the environment of Zuid-Holland, one of the Dutch provinces. The target audience were nature and photography enthousiasts, within an age range of 50-70 years old.


To research the target audience, I went to the Tenellaplas and interviewed the people walking there. I asked what they thought was important, and why they were there, and not somewhere else. I took out my camera and made photos, to emulate the experience of the user.

During my research I found out that people would spend more time there than I expected. This ultimately led to a decision I made to make the concept about traveling faster from photo spot A to photo spot B, so there would be more time for photography.

creative process

To turn my research into a concept, I tried out new creative techniques that changed the way I think about creative processes. By talking to other students we could transform my research into a well-thought product. 

The creative technique I liked most, was the devils advocate. By placing yourself in the position of someone who would oppose your idea, it really gives insight into the bad sides of your concept.

prototyping and testing

To display my ideas and creating something that would actually work and could be tested, I started drawing wireframes to illustrate the essence of the app. After that I translated it to an Adobe XD prototype, which I could use to test the usability. The usability test constituted of an interview, and a free flowing back and forth with my test subject.

This was one of my very first prototypes, and although it did not age well, it shows the foundations of the way I like to prototype. By learning something quickly, and creating something that is not necessarily beautiful, but works and serves its purpose, and does it well.

the kiekjesdief route

The result of this is ‘De Kiekjesdief Route’. The name is a play on De Kiekendief Route (This roughly translates to The Harrier Bird Route) and the Dutch phrase Een kiekje nemen (This roughly translates to Snapping a photo)

The product is designed for nature enthousiast, who likes photography. The idea is that there will be expositions to showcase the photos taken on this route, to encourage photographers to show their best side and also create a form of competition. Also there will be a possibility to rent a camera, so lesser experienced photographers are also included.

To match the service with the values of the audience, I created it to be environmentally friendly. This way it will preserve wildlife and also prevents photographers from exploring with their cars. To make sure the users will not be lost, the bikes come with a dock for you smartphone, charger included.

Accompanying the service is also an App which is used to unlock the bikes, see the route and see other nice photo spots that are popular. Using the app enables you to reserve a bike, that you can just unlock using a barcode scanner.