These are the wireframes I used for a new mobile app for NRC. Using the wireframes, I am able to test functions and translate these to a prototype in Adobe XD. I based my design of the existing App for NRC, rescuing the header, logo and general style. I added some more structure to speak to a younger audience. 

Bike it your way

These are the wireframes I used for the app of my concept, the Kiekjesdief route. I drew them out before I began prototyping, this helped me structuring things and testing in between. 

ITERATION 1 - Drawn wireframes

After I drew some wireframes, I translated them to Adobe XD, to test my design. I chose a simple layout without much effort, as I was going to make a high-fid prototype later on.

ITERATION 2 - low fid prototype

This high-fid prototype has the testing results in them, and I made it purely functional due to time constraints. The main thing I learned was that I still need to work on my visual skills.

ITERATION 3 - High fid prototype